Publishing a Job Posting

  1. Click the “Jobs” button on the top navigation bar.
  1. To add a new Job, click the “Add Job” button in the top right, and you will reach the page which is shown below. Here, you can write all the details about your job description.
  1. You can also create custom candidate  questions by clicking “Add Candidate Question”. There are all the necessary question types of questions you can choose from.
  1. Select your publish option on the right panel. You can publish it either publicly or privately. Private publishing means that this job will not appear in your career portal and is only accessible with its link. So you can send the job posting via email to candidates you want to source actively. If you don’t want to publish it now and edit it later, you can save your posting as a draft.
  2. When all is done, you can publish the job by clicking the “Publish Job” button. You can click the Copy link to clipboard button to see how it looks. You can also see your newly published job posting page through your Career Portal.